Random Dude Buys Google Argentina's Domain , Legally , For Few Minutes

Apr 25, 2021
Random Dude Buys Google Argentina's Domain , Legally , For Few Minutes

Internet users in Argentina complained that they were unable to access the site for several hours, thinking the problem was linked to a server crash.

 Google and Argentine officials have not yet commented on the matter.

Citing data from the Argentine Network Information Center (NIC Argentina) and the office responsible for operating the country's .ar domain, MercoPress reported that Argentina lost its domain to Google after a random person bought it.

The news broke after Nicolas Kuroña posted a statement on Twitter saying the domain name was available and that he had bought it "legally."

According to MercoPress, it cost Kuroña 540 pesos, or $ 5.80, to buy the domain. 

Reports say Argentinian authorities are likely to have forgotten to renew the ownership. 

The Open Data Córdoba group, which tracks expired Argentinian domains, said this was not the issue, although the agency failed to explain how Kuroña could have accessed the domain. 

His success was short-lived, however, as the authorities soon recovered it.

MercoPress writes that Kuroña’s actions resemble cybersquatting, a technique used by Internet users and hackers that involves purchasing or withholding popular domains for certain aims. 

For example, a person can do this to profit from the rightful owner’s popularity or to sell the domain for a high price.

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