• Muhammad Ameen Timamu

Trump's Second Impeachment,Another Desperate Attempt by Democrats?

Updated: 2 days ago

Former President Donald Trump's second impeachment is set to start this week as Democrats vow to bring the former president to justice, for real this time. Sources in Washington are hinting at the commencement of the trial this Tuesday however just like the stimulus package,Trump will likely be a no show as he has been hiding at his Mar-a-Lago estate far from the prying eyes of the press ever since Jack Dorsey took away his megaphone. The Capitol riots just a while ago which the Democrats pinned on Trump have fueled the anger and the disenchantment among Democrat senators who have been vying to get him off his high horse ever since he took office.

Former Pres.Donald Trump with VP Pence

Despite the fire and fury that the senate has promised to bring Trump, the reality is that this is no different than the first impeachment trial which proved the Democrats to be all bark and no bite. The second impeachment which is still being negotiated with the relevant parties is going to be the last attempt of desperation to get back at Trump as he is no longer immune since he lost to Biden in the recent election.

The real question now is, when will this end, if it ever will, and who's going to have the last laugh?

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