• Muhammad Ameen Timamu

South Africa Ditches The AstraZeneca Vac Rollout Midway

Updated: 2 days ago

Man Getting Vaccine Shot

South Africa's health body has announced plans to replace the Astrazeneca vaccine amidst a surge in mutation cases which the vaccine has failed to combat according to a recent study.Pretoria's disappointment in the vaccines failure to address the new variant of the Covid-19 virus has led Ramaphosa to look for help elsewhere as the nation is battling a large spike in cases ever since reports of the mutation broke out early January.Health minister Zweli Mkhize announced "We have decided to put a temporary hold on the rollout of the (AstraZeneca) vaccine. More work needs to be done,"

South African Flag

Pfizer and Jojhnso & Johnsons' vacs could likely be the replacements as the country is racing to vaccinate its people to get the situation under control. AstraZeneca had been largely preferred by African countries due to its affordability and ease of storage compared to other vaccines ,however, it seems the continent is facing a tough road ahead as they have to reconsider their vaccines before it's too late.

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