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NBA: Lakers deprived of Davis for a month

Updated: 2 days ago

Lakers star winger Anthony Davis, who suffered an elongation in his right calf last Sunday resulting from worsening Achilles tendon inflammation, will be out for a month, his coach Frank Vogel announced.

"He will be without us for four weeks. We want to try to leave all this behind, protect him to make sure he is completely healed before he comes back," he added.

On Thursday night, Davis was in plain clothes on the Lakers ' bench to watch helplessly in the loss to Brooklyn (109-98). And he singularly missed his team against his most serious rival in the East in the race for the title of champion.

NBA: Anthony Davis

"He's doing exactly what it takes to get back to the best possible shape," LeBron James said. "He has an injury that he can't have too much fun with, he will take his time, as much as he needs."

Last Sunday, he was prematurely out of the game lost in Denver (122-105), Frank Vogel explaining that he had "regressed his injury" around his right Achilles tendon, initially affected by tendonitis.

The next day, an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) revealed an elongation just above, in the calf, and its absence had been estimated at two, three weeks. But the doctors of the California team re-evaluated the situation and advocated for a month's rest.

This means that he will not be able to participate in the All-Star Game on March 7 in Atlanta, for which he would certainly have been selected by Utah coach Quin Snyder, and that the Lakers will have to finish the first part of the season without him.



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