• Muhammad Ameen Timamu

Media compensation: Google and Facebook's war with Australian News Publishers Intensifies

Updated: 2 days ago

Australia's News Wars With Facebook & Google

The Australian Senate committee, which was considering a bill to force GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon) to pay media companies for articles broadcast on their respective platforms, has just delivered its report. It unreservedly endorses a law that could become a global reference for the regulation of American digital giants.

Ineffective threats

The advocacy of Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook and Sundar Pichai for Google with the Australian government will not have changed anything. Nor are the threats made in recent months by both companies.

Advertising revenue to share

Since their appearance two decades ago, giants like Google and Facebook have been lightly regulated. Australian authorities have been looking at how they can capture a significant share of advertisement revenue generated by American tech giants.

An Australian study found that for every 100 dollars spent on online advertising, Google receives 53 dollars, Facebook 28 dollars and the rest is distributed among other internet giants. The big tech corporations are being accused by the press of taking advantage of its content without sharing the income they derive from it. To make the rules fairer, Australia wants Google and Facebook to pay Australian media whenever they use their news content.

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