• Gregory Matthews

Electro duo Daft Punk announces split after 3 decades

Updated: 2 days ago

After a 28 year career, the flagship duo of French electro Daft Punk, created in 1993 has ended their collaboration. The move was announced in a video posted on social media. It is through an enigmatic video posted on social networks, soberly entitled "epilogue", that the French Daft Punk, the most famous electro duo in the world, announced, Monday 22 February, of their separation.

Daft Punk Splits after 28 Years

The video, just over eight minutes long, shows the two members, wearing their traditional robot helmets, advancing through a desert. But they no longer walk at the same pace and after a few evocative nods of the head, one ends up triggering the self-destruction system of the other, which symbolizes the end of the duo's 3 decades in the music industry. The publicist of the duo confirmed the end of the duo formed in 1993 by Thomas Bangalter, 46, and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, 47. Famous for hits like "One More Time", the electronic music duo has won several awards and collaborated with many stars across multiple genres.


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