Staff Writer


New York, NY Remote

March 7, 2022

Decisionary Media is a startup funded and supported by DMGT, a mature and profitable global media company. We’re launching a major e-commerce initiative and need smart enthusiastic staff writers to join us for the launch of this new initiative.

As an E-Commerce Staff Writer, you will research and write articles, buying guides, and other forms of editorial we’ll publish that will help users make better buying decisions across a wide range of products and services including seasonal items, gifts, holiday deals, consumer technology, health and beauty, and more.The ideal candidate will have one to three years of experience in creating e-commerce journalism at an existing brand, or at independent blog, or as an influencer who recommends products on a major social media platform.If you are the person your colleagues, friends, and family usually turn to talk to about what to buy – if you love to help people buy better – we'd so love to hear from you!

This is an especially great opportunity for an e-commerce freelancer or a passionate social media influencer looking for a staff writer role at a secure growing company that provides full benefits, a competitive salary, and the opportunity for real professional growth.

You will:

  • Research, report and write several articles a day and update evergreen buying guides across a wide range of consumer products and services including seasonal items, gifts, consumer technology, health and wellness, fashion, beauty, sporting goods, kids and parenting, and much more

  • Write and publish bylined articles and buying guides in specific areas of e-commerce topics or products that will generate revenues and help users buy better.

  • Deepen your journalism and marketable skills by using cutting edge SEO data analytics, our easy-to-use CMS and other digital tools to produce and publish a growing volume of editorial to our digital platforms.

You Bring:

  • One to three years of editorial experience as a writer or editor in the e-commerce product recommendation brand – or as in-depth independent blogger – or as an influencer specializing in product recommendations on a major social media platform.

  • A track record of accurate reporting, careful research and an accessible editorial voice on complex topics as demonstrated by your own bylined articles or blog posts or social media posts.

  • Knowledge of top e-commerce brands – you know how and where to find great deals - and a collaborative, inclusive style that helps our users find great deals to help users save time and money.

  • An understanding of major e-commerce product recommendation influencers at brands and on various social media platforms.

  • Have strong editorial skills and someone who only files clean copy consistent in the in AP style.

  • Professional editorial empathy and the ability to produce easy to understand editorial that cuts across multiple levels of user needs, sophistication and income.

  • A positive attitude about producing quality e-commerce journalism to help readers make better product and services choices to live better lives.

  • A huge plus: you have relationships with other potential hires, freelance writers and editors.