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Project Manager

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United States, Remote

March 7, 2022

As head of Special Projects, your job is to run point on all projects the Marshall is involved in. You will be the right hand to Marshall (owner of Need/Want).

You’ll spend a lot of your time collaborating with him on creative projects. Ultimately your job would be to run point all skunkworks projects that Marshall is involved in – it would be your responsibility to make sure they keep moving and ultimately get finished and launched. You would have a lot of autonomy, paired with a lot of collaboration with Marshall.

You’ll get your hands dirty with every business in the Need/Want group of companies, in addition to new projects being incubated.

Hey, I’m Marshall Haas – CEO & owner of Need/Want (needwant.com). Need/Want is a group of small businesses spanning e-commerce, services, content, and hospitality businesses we own & operate. I started all of the businesses in our group and have been doing this for 10+ years. We have 100+ people across all companies. Most are small teams though. We now have a General Manager running each business, so day-to-day I’m focused on skunkworks projects for my businesses and personal projects. We’re an incredibly entrepreneurial organization and are constantly launching new businesses and ideas.

Some Of The Projects You Will Work On With The Founder

At the moment, I’m focused on the below projects. You would run point on all of these while working closely with me:

  1. Finding someone to do SEO and content marketing for Shepherd

  2. Manage launching Peel’s new website design — Designs are finished and in the hands of Peel’s developer. He’s done a first pass, but there’s many differences between the intended design and his execution so far. Point out anything that differs from the designs and note any extra assets we’re going to need for the developer to finish it. Get this project to the finish line with the developer and designer.

  3. My audience on Twitter has become a great source for acquiring customers for Shepherd and my other businesses. I want to grow my Twitter audience (currently 19.2k followers) by writing more viral entrepreneurial Twitter threads. I have a list of about 50 potential threads right now. You’ll help write up the threads with my feedback.

  4. I’m creating a short, free course for Shepherd about how to successfully hire your first assistant. It’s called The Delegation Leap. I need help crafting the content from my outline, editing the script, editing the videos I record (or finding someone great to edit the videos quickly), and then compiling the finished product on Podia.com

  5. I’m building a modern luxury cabin in the woods that will eventually be a short term rental. I have a construction manager building it, but sometimes I need help in chasing contractors for bids. For example we’re currently trying to figure out who will be doing our cabinets.

  6. Behind the scenes course about building the cabin — I want to do a short course “behind the scenes” that shares all costs, build plans, and process as we build it. A lot of people on twitter have expressed their interest in following along in a private paid newsletter. I want someone to run point on crafting that and getting the content written each month with me.

  7. Product Manufacturing Course — I’m part of the way through creating the course content for a new course I want to launch about how to take an idea and turn it into a manufactured product, ready for sale. It will cover everything from finding a factory, costs, margins to hit, how to get your production run from overseas to the US (or wherever you are) etc.

  8. I run a blog and newsletter on MarshallHaas.com — I want to be better about releasing content and the newsletter on a regular basis. I want you to help with this.

  9. For my hotel, we need to get some branding and a website together soon. We’ve gone without a website for years, and it’s time we launch a simple website. Additionally we need to create a nice branded welcome booklet. I want you to find a designer, work with our General Manager for what content should go in it, and then get it produced.

Skills & Essential Functions

  • You’re great at copywriting and crafting content

  • Proactive & detail oriented. You will chase down people and get answers out of them to bring a project to completion.

  • You know how to find great contractors to execute on our projects — Upwork, Fiverr, Asking Twitter for recs, Agencies, DynamiteJobs.com, etc.

  • You can manage your time well and manage expectations of others.

  • Able to do your job without someone micromanaging you.

  • You’ll be doing a lot of chasing of contractors and partners that are involved in projects

  • You’ve managed a lot of projects before and know how to get things done.

  • You are solid at documenting training once we finish a project — that way we can come back at a future date and know where and how to update stuff. Every project has it’s quirks.

  • You speak English fluently and can communicate well

  • You’re a quick learner and can wrap your head around new ideas quickly in order to cover a wide variety of projects.

  • You’re comfortable using a variety of digital tools such as Notion, Asana, Todoist, Slack, Basecamp, Google Sheets, etc.

  • You have a sense of humor.