Full Stack Engineer – Ruby and React



March 10, 2022


As our Experienced Full Stack Engineer, you have deep knowledge of the Ruby language and you make it a habit of learning the mechanics behind the magic of any framework.
You are a passionate technologist with the discipline to create and finish projects. You have opinions about your favorite open source projects, or perhaps you have contributed to some or started one of your own.
You are a communicator. Whether you are raising the flag within an implementation or sharing your favorite playlist in Slack, you will not shy away from letting your voice be heard.


  • Architect and build web applications using Ruby

  • Be a leader-contributor on a team creating a distributed system that will change the way people shop and interact in a virtual and physical retail environment

  • Collaborate with product designers and clients to clarify requirements, prototype functionality and build products

  • Plan, estimate and prioritize work in a remote, distributed team environment

  • Guide our clients in best practices in order to achieve great project success


  • 5 + years of software development experience

  • Current strong production experience utilizing Ruby in both Rails and Non-Rails environments is required

  • Experience with React and React Native is required.

  • Experience in strongly typed languages, like Swift, TypeScript, or similar is strongly desirable

  • Previous remote work experience is required

  • Previous experience collaborating on highly distributed teams is required

  • Previous experience in a consultative environment is required

  • Experience working within an Agile/Scrum environment is required

  • Ability to align the majority of your working hours with Pacific Time Zone in order to maximize collaboration time with the team


  • You are able to hit the ground running within your area of expertise and are not afraid of challenges outside of it

  • Thrive on collaborating with other team members and across disciplines

  • You are happy to receive feedback and see it as an opportunity for reflection and improvement

  • You are always learning – Whether you are learning to help your team and customer work through new concepts and technology

  • You are astute, you know when to push an issue and when to let things lie

  • You are friendly – you reach out to your teammates even if they aren t on your project team

  • You can work through ambiguity – you aren t shy about asking questions to gain clarity

  • Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial – always on the lookout for new opportunities to improve the company externally and internally